Roses For Life

We distribute paper roses to all the parishioners in our two parishes the first weekend of the year.  The rose symbolizes a LIFE.  Whether that life is allowed to live and make its way in the world or whether it is snuffed out prematurely due to abortion is the question.

Attached to each rose is a blank address form.  We ask everyone who feels this life should be allowed to live, to complete this simple form.  We then present the forms to our elected political representatives.

The timing of this action is also symbolic.  It usually occurs within days of the Feast of the Holy Family.  It also occurs just prior to the National March for Life which is always head near the anniversary of Roe vs Wade - January 22nd.

Novena for Life

A Novena is an age-old tradition in the Catholic faith.  In October - in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady at Fatima - we conducted a Novena for life.  The novena began on October 4th and  culminated in a public profession of faith at the Northland Fountain on N. Oak Trafficway on October 12th.

KC March For Life

We fully support the initiative to organize a March for Life in Kansas City.  We hope to report more on the progress of this soon.